The Beauty Diet

Have you ever read a book that floods you with so much information it messes with your head?

Now, those of you who read my previous something-to-do-with-food-book-review will wonder why I could possibly want to go down that road again. You see, I was trying to reform myself. I have, possibly,  the worst eating habits in the world (with half the world in the dock with me I’m sure). You would wonder how much work it could possibly be to cook for one person. Well, if you ask me it’s lots of work. And one way or the other most of the food I eat at the end of  the day depends on what is most accessible (read, comes out a packet or a takeaway carton :-/ and no, I’m not proud of it). So when I came across this book that promised to tell me what was best for me and also how to cook it, I was in fact, trying to reform myself. See?

However, this experiment did not go so well. Since within the first 50 pages the author had me convinced that everything I was eating was everything I shouldn’t be. And it went downhill from there.

I’m sure the author thought she was making a case by giving us a million and one “this is slowly eating you from inside” facts for things most of us have grown up eating, she was not. I’d barely gotten through the first three sections when a glance at my refrigerator would stress me out. Apparently, even on the days I thought I was doing well and eating healthy I was eating all the wrong things.

I frantically flipped through the book in the hope that something in it would be something I could use. Unfortunately, the more I read the more Herculean the task seemed.

I’m not doubting the expertise of the writer or the veracity of her claims I just knew that I wasn’t willing to give up every single indulgence from a warm cup of cocoa on those nights you need comforting or the occasional french toast with maple syrup. So yeah, the sugar is probably killing me and the eggs could be replaced with something healthier but sometimes the joy food brings isn’t just because there’s something wrong with your body and it needs a little bit more potassium, right? Right. And I don’t care how many starlets swear by it. And I’m not even a foodie. :-/ Imagine a book like that in the hands of one! 😮

However, packed with scientific facts and recipes it’s probably a great book for those who…well, want to read it.

I’d give it a 3/5.

3 thoughts on “The Beauty Diet

  1. I know what you mean…i once went enthusiastically through such a book and ended up being depressed by my lifestyle. Then i gave away the book. I felt much better immediately. Have nothing against those who write it. Am sure that they only have the interest of others at heart, but it’s still upsetting. Rather I believe if you want to get into shape – just eat moderately and exercise everyday. Less sugar and salt and you’re almost there.


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