One night at a call centre

And what exactly was Chetan Bhagat thinking when he promised the young lady to turn her story into his second book? Well, if what he claims is right, then during his train journey, a young lady promised to tell him this story only if he promised to turn it into a book!! (Unless, of course, he was just looking for someone to blame it on 😛 ). Listen to stories- good, and sometimes interesting. But promise to turn into a book, and then actually keep the promise… hmmm!!! Moving on….

The book is about six people (Shyam, Priyanka, Varun, Esha, Radhika, Military Uncle)  in a call centre – facing issues in their respective lives and trying to deal with them, not sure if they would have their job the next morning. Yes, apart from working at the same place, they have something more in common – they all hate their boss, equally!

Shyam is trying to woo his ex-girlfriend back, whose mother is hell bent on getting her married off to someone else. If his personal life wasn’t already a mess, Shyam also has to worry about a project he and Varun worked on.The boss passes the project to the Boston centre as his own, with no credits to the other two, whatsoever. Varun’s working with the call center only to maintain the standard of living he wants.

Varun loves Esha but even before he can confess his love to her, he overhears her telling other colleagues about being cheated by a designer who promised to make her a model only if she slept with him. Now, he begins to judge her. Radhika thinks everything is beautiful in her marriage till she figures her husband is cheating on her. Military Uncle only wants to be with his son and grandson but misunderstandings between him and his son has only distanced Military Uncle from his family.

The whole book is the story of one such night spent at the call centre. And what was special about that night? Well, they get a call from God, and their lives suddenly starts turning around… but for the good, or bad? Well, not a difficult question. It was all about standing up for your rights, facing your problems, not letting others walk over you and so on.

Ask me, you could let it pass. I’d give it a 2/5.

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