Nora’s Sun

Have you ever read a book and felt, if only there was a little more to it? I must admit, Mel (M.S. Fowle), is one of those writers who knows how to say a lot in a very few words, making you ask for more. Yes, Nora’s Sun does not take more than an hour to read but it definitely leaves an impact.

What would you do if the person whom you love the most is taken away from you? True, that’s not even a question to be asked. The strength that begins to flow within you tends to leave you surprised too. And you turn into whatever the situation demands out of you.

Nora is fighting the Merus who invaded the Earth. The human race is threatened by the Merus and as the days pass by the human count is only decreasing. But that does not seem to effect Nora’s hope or determination. She has to fight for her loved ones. For the people who were snatched away from her. For her husband and son.

Her husband’s secret was out the day he vanished. She knew they would come back for her son. How does Nora know where to look for her son? Will she atleast manage to find her son?

If you a fan of sci-fiction, you should take a look at Mel’s books. This one gets a 4/5.

4 thoughts on “Nora’s Sun

    1. Well, honestly, I actually felt it for all your books. Maybe a few extra pages. But then I guess that’s what makes it different. If you would give your reader those extra few pages, they wouldn’t ask for more. 😀


      1. Honestly, I usually don’t really set a word count before I start writing because I ALWAYS miss it. Nora’s Sun was intended as a much shorter short story. And The First books just ended up as novellas all on their own. I have plenty of novel length works, but I’m just not comfortable self-publishing those… just yet.


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