Stupid Guy Goes to India

Two things that I did not expect when the book came in – 1. A book with illustrations (more like reading a comic) 2. Right-to-left reading.

The book is Yukichi Yamamatsu’s real experience of travelling to India, out of his comforts in Japan. Yukichi was unemployed and running short on money when he thought he needs to sell Manga in a country where its not sold before. A few inquiries with embassies of different countries and he’s in India.

** (Manga – A Japanese genre of cartoons, comic books, and animated films, typically having a science-fiction or fantasy theme)

At the age of 56, and not having stepped out of his country before and not knowing any other language, you can’t but feel sorry for the man. And thus begins his hilarious journey – from trying to speak the local language to finding a room to stay to trying to sell the Manga to visiting a brothel.

It does get a little repetitive at times, making me wish if they could just sum up the whole thing in a few scenes. But its hilarious to see the expressions of different characters where they’re trying to talk to him and Yukichi’s wondering why everyone’s screaming at him.
The book does show the raw side of India and leaves you thinking how difficult it is to cope in a foreign country. And after all that he has to go through, does he finally manage to sell it?

If you can leave your head behind, then reading it could be fun! Also, getting used to the right-to-left reading could take a little time. The book gets a 3/5.

4 thoughts on “Stupid Guy Goes to India

  1. I’ve read manga before and it does take some getting used to when you’re essentially reading it backwards. But this one looks like a fun read. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    1. Oh, by the time I got used to it, I would’ve to take a break and finish some work. Back, and then the task to get used to it again. But yes, was fun minus the backward reading. Glad you liked it. 🙂


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