The First Blood

Continued from the The First Night….. How do you manage to move on with your mission when you lose your friends in a battle? Well, that’s what Alex and Zeke were learning to do. Though they regretted not being able to save their friends, there was no time and they had to move on.  Alex and Zeke got new members onto their respective teams. And the battle against the Chimeras continued.

As they are out trying to gather more information which could help them, they clear out places infested by the Chimeras. One such operation leads them to a mansion owned by Dr. Cray, but now burnt down. They find what they are looking for – how the Chimeras are actually built. (That kinda gets me to sit up straight and read, not letting a word pass by).

The original Chimeras were built using human female eggs fertilized with genetically altered DNA from various predatory mammals and the First, before they were grown in the lab. (Sorry, I just took the line straight from the book because I couldn’t find a better way to describe it). The Phase two Chimeras were built by carrying out the whole process in the womb of the human egg donor. As they moved on to the file containing details about the donor, what they saw was nothing less than a blow to Alex.

As the battle continues, Alex loses more people, more important people. She is devastated and not sure if she wants to carry on with the mission. Their final destination is a gathering of all the Odin shareholders in Tokyo. That is where they can finish most of them, if not all of them.

Do Alex and Zeke manage to tackle down their enemy? Who is the donor? Why does Alex wince every time she takes Dr. Cray’s name? Read the book to find out. The book also tells us about why Alex is on this mission.

Mel surely does know how to keep her readers glued to the book. I couldn’t stop until I finished both books at one go. I’d give this one a 4/5.


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