The First Night

I was riding high on the various fantasy books I was reading when I decided to butter Sharmistha to let me read this one too. Of course, I was beating around the bush and she just read between the lines. 😀

Honestly, book reviews could have me tilting in the direction of the reviewer’s thoughts and hence I decided to stay away from Mel’s (M.S. Fowle) posts about the book. Well, if you think I am going to be nice only because she is a blogger-friend and we have interviewed her, you got me wrong. I am just going to be honest.

We read a lot of fantasy books which mention battles and wars and much more. Unfortunately, down the line the focus rests on the love story of the protagonist and the numerous options she has. I was pleasantly surprised to not be reading another fantasy on the same lines.

The First, along with Alex and her friends share a common enemy – the Chimeras. The difference being, Alex knows who’s making the Chimeras. The First are commonly known as the vampires but dare to call them so, and you might just not live. When the First cross paths with the humans, Alex understands why the Chimeras were created in the first place.

She helps Zeke, a First, to understand it all. She gives him information about the Odin, the shareholders and the guy behind it all. They know that if they have to take the Odin down, it has to be together. But is it possible for The First and humans to work together? The First possess the strength and the speed, while the humans have access to information through technology and also the required ammunition. How are they going to work together?

What is the secret behind the immense power possessed by the Chimeras? What is Alex’s need to fight the Odin? Read the book to find out.

For people who think it’s just another vampire story, it’s surely not. For, Zeke and the First are not portrayed as Gods (read Edward, from Twilight). Of course, the love is there but you have more fights than love scenes. Which I thought will surely work for the book.

I’d give it a 4/5.

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