Soul Music

Continuing with the tradition of rhetorical questions from Sapna’s post yesterday ( ) … have you ever felt like you’ve just missed something monumental?

Somehow reading Terry Pratchett’s Soul Music left me with that feeling. Like, somehow, after reading the whole book I’ve missed the inherent message somehow. And that’s not a note you want to end a Terry Pratchett on. 

Nonetheless, even my tired brain assimilated some things about Soul Music; this book that tells the story of a young musician who just wants to play music and be heard and thinks he’s heading towards his destiny till he gets caught in the belly of the Leviathan of politics. He must pay a hefty fees to be the member of the Guild if he wants to play but unless he plays he will never have enough money to pay the fees. Talk about Catch-22. And that’s when he meets the guitar…and in a heart beat he becomes the vessel of Music. Fame and fortune are his to command. Or are they?

And then there’s Susan. A girl with, as she says, rather a commonplace name for Death’s Grand daughter. Yes, Death. And yes, Grand Daughter. And yes, Death as in the Grim Reaper who is a pile of bones in a black cloak with a scythe in his hand on a bright white horse. Or a motor cycle … of sorts; whatever came in handy. Death, who knows and sees all, past and future; and never, never forgets. And Susan who unexpectedly finds herself having to don Death’s cloak. A human. A 16 year old human. Who can’t believe Death can’t stop … well, death. And who knows that no matter what, she has to save this human boy who also … strangely … seems to under the protection of music. Music … that’s giving him exactly what it wanted. But, is it?

What would you give up for your soul music?

As for me, I will just have to find a way to read this book again and find that something in there that I’m sure I didn’t quite get.

I’d give this book a 4/5. 

2 thoughts on “Soul Music

  1. I occasionally have to reread the odd Terry Pratchett novel usually when I have been distracted while reading one but I have to say I love them they are all 5/5 for me


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