The Bride Stripped Bare

Have you ever read a book only because you bought it? Well, this was one of those for me.

I just fail to understand why would someone want to turn their sex life into a book? Err.. Unless maybe somebody is going to benefit out of it. But really, this was just way too boring.

The book is about a woman who to the world is a good wife – but has been leading a double life. Her husband hasn’t been able to give her what she wants and so she has to look for it outside her marriage. And no, she’s not ready to let go of her husband. She doubts her best friend to be cheating with her husband. Every chapter begins with a line on the lesson she has learnt and tells us about her thoughts and feelings and needs.

She disappears one day and her mother gets hold of her manuscript and decides to publish it. Initially the book was published without the author’s name as she was afraid of losing people close to her. And she is a mother, daughter and wife.

I am generally not that mean to authors because I understand the pain and effort that goes into publishing a book. I had to literally force myself to read it. And I have lost the number of times I must have fallen asleep trying to finish the book.

Honestly, I think you can let this book pass. The book isn’t as fascinating as the name suggests. I would give it a 1/5.

6 thoughts on “The Bride Stripped Bare

  1. It sounds like the origin of the name is more interesting than the book. No doubt it comes from a large work of art by Marcel Duchamps, executed between 1915-1923, called “The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even.” It’s a two panel glass work, 109″ x 69″ that was damaged in transport and repaired by Duchamps.,_Even

    I remember a discussion of a similar sounding book in Donald Maass’s “Breakout Novel Workbook:” a woman’s exploration of her psyche via her sexuality (I don’t remember the title). If you were falling asleep while reading, I’m guessing this is just derivative, with little added that’s new.


    1. The link you provided above sounded more interesting. The woman exploring her psyche through sexuality also sounds crazy but this book was just way too much to deal with. And there’s not much to it. Unfortunately. Sigh


    1. I swear! To keep going, I constantly kept looking at that little pink sticker that reminded me its an International best-seller!!! What a waste!

      Honestly, I thought of you while writing the review since you were asking for books below 2! 😛


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