House of Night 6: Tempted

So, this here is book 6 of what (I’m hoping at this point is true) I’m being told is a 12-book series. Tempted takes up Zoey Redbird’s story where it has left off with the momentary banishment of Kalona and Neferet and with Stark being grievously injured in his efforts to keep Zoey alive. With the introduction as well as expansion of so many characters this book is essentially told from the point of view of the six main ones.

This book reveals the truth of why Zoey is so uncontrollably attracted to Kalona. Apart, of course, from the fact that Kalona has the ability to enter people’s dreams at will and make them bend to his … unless that is, you’re not sleeping alone. Yes, it does sound that obvious to me :-/ But Zoey is not the only one with troubles of the heart.

Stevie Rae who takes over control of their camp from a tired Zoey finds an injured Raven mocker who is none else but Kalona’s favourite son, Rephaim. But for reasons of her own she decides not to kill him but to save his life instead. Obviously, no act of kindness ever went unpunished and Stevie Rae is in for a heck of a ride with her Raven mocker from here on out which you’ll just have to read the series to find out.

Also, in this book Zoey is destined to lose two of her love interests. One to a break up and the other to death, taking her also to death’s door. How does that happen, you’ll have to read to find out.

This book gets a 3.

4 thoughts on “House of Night 6: Tempted

  1. It’s such a shame, at the start of this series I really liked the books. But as they’ve gone on I feel like they’ve gotten worse. It feels like they’re trying desperately to drag out the content to as many books as possible, which is just not needed, and the series is suffering because of it..


    1. I’d have to agree…it started out fairly promising but now there are some books in which almost nothing happens and that ought to be hard to accomplish in a book, right!


    1. Hmm…I’d have to agree. And unfortunately, now that I think about it I feel like I’ve read a LOT of books that should never have seen the light of day. After a point you just can’t help but think …’couldn’t that character just please stop living and passing on their damn legacy??” :-/


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