The last in the Trylle series – Ascend. In the second book, Torn, Lori was caught sneaking into Förening . What confused Wendy the most was – Lori was strong enough to overpower anybody in Förening  and he also had the power to make the opposite person lose conscious. Ellora had to use all her power to hold Lori back in the room he was locked in. The power she was using was wearing her out physically and mentally. She was tired and growing old. She was 39 but looked 75. Lori was allowed to return back to Vittra only when Oren assured them to not try to kidnap Wendy until she became the Queen.

In the beginning of Ascend, Wendy gets married to Tove. That is the only way to ensure Wendy would be the Queen. On the day of the wedding, Lori lands up at the Förening  palace with lashes and sword marks. Oren was responsible. Lori did not keep his promise to bring Wendy back to Vittra.

Ellora’s health was only going from bad to worse. Ellora wanted to have her mother-daughter time before it was too late. It was then that she mentioned how Wendy was born and how Ellora’s parents were killed by Oren. He wanted both kingdoms, and he would go to any extent to achieve it. Ellora explained that Oren was very strong and nobody could harm him. He healed at a faster rate. He was in his nineties but looked way younger.

Ellora’s last painting showed everybody dead and Wendy fallen at Oren’s feet with her crown fallen next to her. With the sudden demise of Ellora, they had to work something faster with just three days in hand.

And it was all in front of Wendy – Everybody at Förening expected her to kill her father. Wendy was special – she was as powerful as her mother and as strong as her father. But what could cause Oren’s death? Oren was busy attacking other Trylle kingdoms to make a point. How was Wendy going to stop all of this?

I’d give the book a 4/5.

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