And I’m back with the second book of Amanda Hocking’s Trylle series – TORN.

The end of the first book saw Wendy running away from Förening. She takes Rhys along with her from the palace. She felt it is necessary for him to know his real family. She tries to explain her disappearance to Matt, and the truth about Rhys – whom she replaced. Matt of course thinks all of this is just a dream and he’s going to wake up and things will go back to normal.

Finn comes back for Wendy but she refuses to go along, and he walks away saying he will just wait till she decides. She is kidnapped by the Vittra. And this time the most powerful of them – Loki, has come to take her. Unfortunately, Matt and Rhys are taken away too. They are locked in a dungeon guarded by a hobgoblin.

With the excuse of wanting to go to the loo, she gets out of the dungeon but Loki is accompanying her. She needs to find a way to get out, with the other two. Wendy starts making conversation with Loki and surprisingly he is happily telling her everything.  Just before she could get out more information, she is in the Queen’s room.

A meeting with the King and Queen of Vittra – and the truth is in front of her – the King, Oren, is her father. He wants her to be the princess of his kingdom. And that adds to her confusion.

What is all the fuss about her ruling which kingdom? Everybody has just one thing to say – she is powerful and she has no idea of her own strength. Wendy couldn’t care less. She wants to go back to Förening. Where is Finn? And why wasn’t he around when she was kidnapped? How is she going to get out of this place? And many more revelations.

I’ll give the book a 4/5.

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