What if you were Switched at birth? And your new mother hates you, so much that she tries to kill you. But you have no idea why.

Kim was sure she was to have a son. She had seen the videos. From the time Kim gave birth to Wendy, she knew the kid was a monster who ate her son. When she attacked Wendy on her sixth birthday which left her with sixty stitches, the cops were called. And she was sent to a mental institution. Wendy was then taken care by her brother and aunt.

Wendy was sure she wasn’t a monster but she was surely different – she just din’t fit in. She frequently changed schools. And she had the power to influence people’s thoughts. She hated having to use it, but she did it to have things go her way.

In school, she finds it weird when she catches Finn staring at her most of the time. She isn’t very fond of being around people but he was different. She skipped a heartbeat around him. He knew her secret. He knew she was switched at birth. He knew her powers. And he was here to take her back to where she belonged – Förening, the home for Trylles. She was a Changeling. Finn was a Tracker.

Though in the beginning she resists having to go with him, an attack by the Vittra changes her decision. That’s the only way her brother and aunt will be safe. She will be safe. At the Förening – there’s just too much happening. Why was she Switched? Whom was she Switched for? Her real mother has the power to see the future, but cannot talk about it. She can only paint it. But there’s no way she knows when it’s going to happen. Wendy comes across a painting of herself in gown – bleeding and horror stricken. What does it mean?

It’s always fun to read how such special ones manage to cope with their kind of people. They are always out to not follow the so called rules.  And they run back to where they came from at the very first opportunity. Though, the book wasn’t quite engaging, it surely had something to it that builds my curiosity around the other two books in the series. I will give this one a 3/5.

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