Hey you…welcome to our world…finally!


Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me tremendous pleasure to finally be writing this one! Yes… we have a new guest blogger (yaaaaaay!! *fanfare and loud applause*). And yes (as the title must have told you) this is someone I’ve waited to see here for a really long time.

When you start a project like this, you of necessity talk to some people you know will share your sense of wonder and excitement and well …  “are – you – out – of – your – mind??- ness” 😛 So, I’m really, really happy to welcome Deepika Divekar with her first review on easyondeyes!

A lawyer by profession, this one’s spent a lot of time speaking legalese – in two different continents no less! – and still most of our conversations through college were of  books and stories. Books aside, she also loves dogs (and really wants to own one), cooking,  shopping, is a great friend and is almost always game for a good time!

And like most book lovers, I think, cherishes a secret hope of owning a book store someday.

Look out for her book review here tomorrow, people as another book lover joins the fray! Yippeee!!!

Welcome to the madness, Dee! 😀

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