Rage of Angels

Our protagonist, Jennifer Parker is fired from her job just before she is sworn in as the Assistant District Attorney for the state of New York.  She has been framed to be involved with Michael Moretti, who comes from one of the most powerful crime families. No law firm is ready to give her a job. Enter Adam Warner. Well, we might think him to be the hero who will save her, but is he really the one?

Adam is appointed to investigate Jennifer’s involvement with Moretti. During the investigation, he falls for her and is sure she is innocent. While Adam manages to prove the same, she decides to take up the case against Michael Moretti, and even wins it against the existing lawyer. Moretti is adamant on making Jennifer the family lawyer. Does he succeed?

Adam is being trained to be the Senate. His wife Beth asked for a divorce. Jennifer meets up with Beth and they decide to wait till he becomes the Senate, lest it affects the decision. Adam becomes the Senate. Both the women in his life are pregnant. But he has to leave one. Whom does he choose? Moretti is out to kill Adam. And Jennifer is the only one who can stop him. Does she manage to?

I am not a fan of sad endings, well.. I am sure nobody is. Just warning you in advance, though. I’d give the book a 3/5.


6 thoughts on “Rage of Angels

    1. And we’re not sure how to react to your bordering on rude comments, Edrill. But obviously, your knowledge of gay people would fit on the head of a pin, so we’ll be nice and let it pass 🙂


    1. Hahahaha!!! Well his wife, being the smart one here, tricked him into it. But still, I would agree with you for him to have a horrible death. Unfortunately, that’s not our sad ending. Actually, it wouldn’t be sad if it was him, no? 😉


      1. Ah, maybe her way of getting back at him. Plus the power she would have once he became the Senate. But yes, most of us would just prefer to walk away on a cheater!!


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