House of Night 5: Hunted

The end of the last book saw the rise of the ultimate evil in the House of Night series. This, like I’d told you, is what the series had been building up towards all this while and was sort of the climax of the series. So, Neferet has finally revealed herself for what she is giving us a better idea of what she wants, there are other evil creatures roaming the length and breadth of the book now, and did Stevie Rae survive the fatal attack on her at the end of Untamed?

Also, on the downside, Zoey’s new boy, the unerring marksman, Stark has crossed over to the evil side and is something of Neferet’s minion.  This book sees the introduction of a whole new cast and we now meet all the other “Red fledglings” that Stevie Rae’s been hiding and one of them’s something of a prophetess. You’ll see who.

Oh, and Zoey has a new man. Of sorts. Turns out the new evil creature to be introduced into the book, the dark angel, Kalona also has a tie to Zoey. Or thinks he does. Or wants her to believe he does. Which one of them is it? You’ll have to read and find out. Unfortunately, this dark angel already seems to have some sort of power over everybody at House of Night, making it necessary for Zoey and her bunch to disappear and take refuge in the old tunnels where the Red fledglings have made their home.

I’d give this one a 3/5.


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