Same Soul, Many Bodies

What would you do if you could go into the future and see what will be the consequences of your current choices? Would you do things any differently? Or what you still continue along your current path?

In, what I believe is Dr Weiss’s latest, he not only regresses his patients he also progresses them. Yes, into the future. Is that possible? Who knows. Does it make for an interesting read? Fairly.

The idea, of course, was for these people to be able to see where they were currently taking themselves with their choices. And not necessarily in just this lifetime either, but in other future life times. While he doesn’t offer his opinion as to the veracity of the progression, he does believe its possible. Think you want to try it?

I’d give the book a 3.

2 thoughts on “Same Soul, Many Bodies

  1. Would love to know how he thinks progressing one person can change their future. Life is full of so many variables tha it is difficult to see how one persons life can be changed without taking everything else into consideration especailly as many choices we make are based on the way someone else reacts to something we say or do.


    1. I don’t think the idea is that progressing in itself can change anybody’s future. I think the idea is if you knew the lasting consequences that will be the result of your actions, would you still make the same choice. And of course you’re right but I’m sure you’d agree that there isn’t a direct line between an action and awareness of its consequences. šŸ™‚ Just playing devil’s advocate…


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