Only Love Is Real

I’m not entirely certain if I believe in an afterlife or reincarnation. Though I think I do…

So what was I doing reading a book by the reincarnation Guru you ask? Well I was doing research and I was curious. And this, the first I read, has me hooked. I love Dr Weiss’s writing style. He writes like a man who truly believes his words (obviously) and its not long before you’re sucked into the story and before you know it you’re thinking, ‘who knows… maybe this could happen…’

This one is the story of two separate patients of Dr Weiss and how he realised the similarity in their stories and that they’d infact, literally, been soul mates through centuries. Fortunately, the book strikes exactly the right balance and doesn’t at any point becoming ridiculously sappy.

It’s also liberally interspersed with nuggets of wisdom, some of which actually make sense and were rather comforting in a way.

I’d give the book a 3.75.

8 thoughts on “Only Love Is Real

  1. I love learning different perspectives on life after death. A friend of mine believes that if you get an arm band tattoo that connects then you’ll be reincarnated as an animal missing that limb.


    1. Wow! Really? I think of all the religious philosophies I’ve come across the Hindus and the Buddhists have the most fascinating reincarnation philosophies. Of course, Dr Weiss makes a more scientific case for it.


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