A hat full of sky

So … if your body was to be possessed and owned and almost filled by something else that had the ability to think like you and act like you … then which part of you would really be you? Are we a function of things we do or is it the other way round? If it is the other way round then isn’t it true that almost all of us find comfort in doing routine things after a trauma? 

No, I’m not trying to start an existential discussion here. And this isn’t going to be an “I-think-therefore-I-am’ versus an ‘I-am-therefore-I-think’ conversation, so all you closet philosophers can just pipe down. 

I have, however, gotten accustomed to finding some underlying wisdom in all of Terry Pratchett’s books that I read so I was a little bit disappointed when I met small, ugly fairies and witches and shepherds and even a demon in ‘A hat full of sky’, but couldn’t find the meaning in it all, if you know what I mean. And when I did finally get it, it seemed fitting that it didn’t come easy. 

A hat full of sky is the story of 11 year-old Tiffany (who doesn’t sound 11 at all!) who leaves her curiously interesting but routine life at home to go out and learn some hagging (yes, you’ll have to read the book for the meaning). But little does Tiffany know that a demon has been stealthily following her across the Discworld. A demon that cannot be killed and cannot be stopped. It cannot even be seen! And you’d be surprised at what the demon really wants.

Does the demon catch up with Tiffany? And why does it only want Tiffany? And what happens after? 

It’s a subtle message that the story carries, but one that really resounded with me. What is it, you’re going to have to read to find out. I’d give the book a 5 (surprise!! :D).

Until then, make the sky your hat.

4 thoughts on “A hat full of sky

  1. I have an 11-yo, I wish he was as resourceful as Tiffany, I would never have to worry about him getting through life if he was! Of course if we all had Nac Mac Feegle bodyguards…


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