Not without my daughter

I think I should read more recommended books, because a large portion of books I like are thanks to friends.

Not without my daughter is the author, Betty Mahmoody’s real story – her struggle to escape from Iran with her daughter after her husband decides to not return to the US after their two week vacation.

Betty was leading a happy life with her two sons, daughter and husband, Sayed Mahmoody in America, when her husband is brainwashed by his cousins to visit Iran. Betty refuses to go as she finds his sudden interest to visit his homeland, a little weird. Persuasion and assurance from his side that it was only a two week vacation made her go along. Betty left her sons with her mother and decided to take her daughter, thinking she would use her sons’ as an excuse to come back.

A few days in Iran and Mahmoody decides that’s where he wants to spend the rest of his life. Nothing Betty said or did could change his mind. She was abused and beaten up by him and his family, and was locked up for days together without food. She seeks help from the U.S embassy who are ready to help her flee the country on one condition – she has to leave without her daughter. In Iran, it is said that the father has custody of the children.Β She is watched the whole time. She is not allowed to talk to her sons. She is not allowed outside the house. But she is definitely not leaving without her daughter. Her only option – listen to her husband.

Not without my daughter moves you and brings tears to your eyes. As the story unfolds, you cannot help but wish you could do something to help Betty. It’s unimaginable and dangerous. It keeps you at the edge every time she makes an attempt or even has a thought to escape. Read the book to know her ordeal to save her daughter.

A must read, the book deserves a 5/5.

6 thoughts on “Not without my daughter

  1. I came *this* close to buying this book 2 years ago. Decided that one Middle-Eastern themed book should do, and bought The Kite Runner instead.

    Good to read this review Sapna. Will get it soon. πŸ™‚


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