Cards on the Table

Put together a man who claims to “collect” murderers and a dinner party for said collection with a conceited detective and what do you get? An Agatha Christie novel! And a murder, of course.

Cards on the Table has all the things you’d expect from an Agatha Christie novel; whether you like it or not. Personally, I’m more fond of the Miss Marple mysteries but I’ve read most of Hercule Poirot also. However, if you’re familiar with any of Agatha Christie’s work the book and its ending will not really surprise you much with its charasteristic insight on human beings shod of a lot of superfluousness.

Nonetheless, an interesting read for a lazy afternoon. I’d give the book a 3\5.

2 thoughts on “Cards on the Table

  1. Personally, I prefer Poirot’s mysteries. I usually find Ms.Marple’s stories to have a certain “unknown factor”, wherein Poirot’s tales usually have a clue that is present, yet not obvious to the reader.

    But either way, every Agatha Christie book is one which almost always guarantees satisfaction. 🙂


    1. I still remember the first Ms Marple mystery I read and I remember thinking ‘an old woman…really??’ But now I love that about her, and her unique opinion of humanity. And I love that they’re usually so sinister, the stories…perfect with the cold, rainy English countryside atmosphere! 😀


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