Ok, so we met the Cullens, the Werewolves and the Volturi! What next? Well, there has to be something for the story to go on, right. Eclipse being the third in the Twilight series, is a relief after New Moon! (Sorry, I just can’t get over the fact that New Moon could be that slow). Though one thing I really like about Stephenie Meyer – no repetition whatsoever! So there is no skipping any book to get to the end. You need to know every character – read every book, hah!

As promised by Edward to turn Bella into a vampire, she is looking forward to it post her graduation. New vampires cannot resist the scent of human blood,hence she is required to remain under the supervision of the Cullens so as to not harm anybody, most importantly, her Dad. So she starts applying to colleges and universities outside Forks to cover up for the absence. Yes, our dear Edward isn’t going to grant it to her so soon.

Just when Bella is dreaming about turning into a vampire, a series of murders in Seattle sends shocks amongst the people in Forks. While everybody else thinks its the job of a serial killer, the Cullens are aware its the job of one their kinds. Whoever is doing it is not going to stop until Bella is dead! But what’s worrying the Cullens is that they need to find out and stop whoever it is to avoid the visit of the Volturi. The Volturi will go to any extent to hide their existence from the common man.

How can we not talk about the love triangle – my annoyance for Bella just increases by the page I think! She knows the Vampires and Werewolves cannot exist together like a happy family – but her stupidity is beyond my imagination, and I just wish I could hold her and shake her up, crazy woman! What’s with her trying to get Edward and Jacob to be best pals, ugh!

The Vampire-Werewolves team up against the unknown (common) enemy makes it an interesting read. The book will get a 4/5 from me.

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