Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn is what it took for Bella to finally choose Edward over Jacob! * Clap, Clap everybody*…. If only, somebody would tell him that he should just find someone else!

Stephenie Meyer divides Breaking Dawn into three portions – the first talks about their wedding and honeymoon, the second about how Jacob is dealing with Bella’s decision(in his words) and the third is back to Bella’s experience of turning into a vampire, and the story ahead.

Bella just has to wait a little longer before her wish is fulfilled – and that requires her to marry Edward and go with him on a honeymoon to an island owned by the Cullens. Bella is pregnant, and the baby is growing faster than anybody had imagined… and it is killing her! They need to get back to Carlisle (Edward’s father) to save her.

Jacob is devastated with Bella’s choice and just as he was trying to cope with her decision, he faces another dilemma – her baby, who is breaking every bone of hers, which could even lead to her death. He has to stop it. He loves Bella and cannot let her die like that. The pack decides to get rid of the baby even before it comes into this world lest it causes any destruction. Jacob cannot allow it as he respects Bella’s decision. He leaves the pack to root himself outside the Cullen’s house. Two motives with that move – to guard her from any outside danger and also to make sure she is fine!

Bella’s conversion from human to Vampire is the requirement of the moment and Edward has to do it. It is traumatic for both – he isn’t sure if he can control himself to not kill her, and the pain she has to go through. Renesmee is born! Just when it seems like its all perfect, the Volturi plans to pay the Cullens a visit. They have been informed about Renesmee being an immortal child. And if the information is true, they need to destroy the Cullens along with the child.

Alice informs the family about the Volturi’s visit  – including the wives of the heads and the army. The Cullens are sure they will be destroyed even before they can utter a word. They need to find a way to be heard… just once. They plan to gather all the vampires around the world to witness that Renesmee isn’t an immortal child and does not posses a threat.

Stephenie Meyer has done a super job with every character. I just couldn’t stop myself from wow-ing every Vampire that was introduced along with their super cool powers. The witnesses are ready. And if a fight breaks out, it won’t stop till one side is eliminated completely. The Volturi isn’t very happy about the team formed against them.

This book is a must read and deserves a 5/5 for every character description and the way the story unfolds. I am still confused whether I love Twilight more or Breaking Dawn! Also, the book covers are commendable.

Sigh… and that brings us to the end of the Twilight series! If only the story could go on… and on… and on!  😀

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