New Moon

Alright Twilight series lovers, I think I need to be honest when I say New Moon wasn’t as great as expected. Of course, after Twilight, you expect the next book to pick up pace. But, that’s the only thing that did not happen.

And if I am going to be really honest, I must admit I skipped a lot of pages in between because it was just tooΒ boring!! A large portion of the book was slow and I was just hoping for it to get over, SOON!Β In New Moon, Stephenie Meyer gives us an insight into the lives of the Werewolves – Jacob’s forefathers and the Quileute tribe.

Edward decides to suddenly vanish on Bella, leaving no traces! She is devastated and spends months within her home, choosing to stick to minimal interaction with anybody including her Dad. Everybody’s initiative to bring her back to normal does not seem to be working. Enter Jacob Black. She slowly begins to interact with him and is stuck between her feelings of friendship and love for Jacob. Oh yes, I just wanted to smack her real hard, really!

Bella knows Edward is watching for sure and the only way she can get him to come to her is to harm herself. Thus begins her adventures of reckless bike riding and jumping off the cliff! It worked! Edward was definitely watching, but through Alice’s power to predict the future. A series of misunderstandings leads to Edward’s belief that Bella is dead.

Edward wants to die. Imagine exposing himself in front of the world – that’s definitely inviting death. Enter The Volturi. The super cool family of POWER! They are supreme because every member of the Volturi is a collection of powers – reading every thought in your mind, burning you in your place and many more! Edward has to go to the Volturi for his mistake.

Will he be forgiven? Will Bella be able to save him? How will the Volturi control their temptation for her blood? Wait! What about Jacob – how does he turn into a werewolf? Read, read… read the book! I am sorry but a few boring pages through a major part of the book, but towards the end, it does pick up! Hmm, I’ll rate the book a 3/5.

8 thoughts on “New Moon

    1. I’m liking the reviews not the book!! Nowhere does it say I like the book! Just the review! I know, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but as long as it sounds ok in my head, it’s good!! πŸ˜€ And you should consider not reviewing however-many books are remaining in this godawful series!! What if something catastrophic happens, like the world decides to end before December because of the torture inflicted upon it by one more person deciding to review the worst thing to happen to mankind since the bubonic plague affected an AIDS infected quadriplegic leper who was starving to death?!


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