Midnight Sun

If you liked Twilight, you will love Midnight Sun. Actually, this book is Edward’s version of Twilight. Ah, don’t get confused. Entire Twilight is written as per Bella Swan’s thoughts and it leaves us with a lot of questions in mind.

It is but obvious that we want to know what Edward was thinking when Bella kept staring at him in the cafeteria, or why did he behave weird when Bella came to sit next him in class? The book not only gives us Edward’s side of the story, but it also gives us an idea as to how the Cullens think. And nothing better than getting into their heads, right?

When I first got hold of Midnight sun, it only had twelve chapters, leaving me asking for more. The news that did the rounds then was that someone leaked the story even before Stephenie Meyer could complete it. But a recent Google search and yaaayyy – there’s the rest of the book!

I think I preferred Midnight Sun over Twilight – for the mere fact that Bella is justย unbearable! The book without doubt gets a 5/5.

8 thoughts on “Midnight Sun

  1. I’d have to agree there. Bella really is unbearable. Could someone really be that slow?? And I mean, literally. And really, if Midnight’s Sun is a better version I wish she’d just written this one instead of both and gotten done with it!! ๐Ÿ˜›


    1. Or, both books shouldn’t have been written and the world would’ve been saved from this horrific phenomenon!! The fact that not one but two books of this story exist is a sign that the end truly is near!! :p


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