House of Night book 2: Betrayed

And we’re back! With book two of the House of Night series! All you non-vampire-lovers … I did warn you!

Book two is called Betrayed and after the first book, honestly, the betrayer isn’t really a surprise. In fact, through the series dejà vû moments aren’t exactly uncommon. Nonetheless Betrayed has an engaging storyline and what I found interesting was how quickly the series peaks. I’d thought it would be at least one more book before the villains would emerge but apparently not.

Anyway, this book sees the uncovering of some not-so-friendly friends and some not-so-bad- after all villains. Humans die, as do fledgling vampyres at the House of Night. But are they really dead? And if they are who is it that Zoey can see? And if not …

Zoey’s well on her way to becoming a celebrity at her Tulsa House of Night (no surprise there) after she takes over the Dark Daughters with her special affinity for an element and the way her friends (conveniently) fit in. But it isn’t all hunky dory and here enter the men (apart from the known baddies, that is)! Be warned, it’s a theme that’ll follow you through the series. Zoey always has a man (so to speak) in her life and mostly it’s more than one. They come, (cause much havoc) and they go. And at some point it gets to be tiring. However, the authors deserve points for keeping it real.

So, what other secrets does Betrayed uncover? Will Zoey be able to do anything to help the way things are and does she have any clue what she’s gotten herself into? Well, you’ll just have to read an find out won’t you? I’d rate the book a 3.5.

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