House of Night book one: Marked

Well we haven’t officially declared it a vamp fest but this comes close enough, doesn’t it? 😀

So, this is book one of the House of Night series and I’m honestly unsure how many of them there actually are at this point … just as I’m unsure what to hope for … :-/

Unlike Sapna my fascination for anything vampire is certainly not new as evidenced by this post so why I first picked up the books isn’t really a surprise … but now that I’ve read book 7 – or was it 8? :-/ – I am beginning to wonder why … However, one book at a time!

Marked, the first book in the House of Night series by the mother-daughter duo of PC and Kristin Cast was a promising start. With its central premise being that of humans who get marked  and are turned to vampires much like someone struck down by a life-threatening disease – actually, that’s exactly what it is! – and have to live in a House of Night there are quite a few novel spin-offs on traditional vampire lore here.

Marked is the story of 16 year-old Zoey who is stuck in a miserable home life till she spies a “Tracker” on her trail and gets marked (Literally. With a crescent shaped mark on the forehead). And suddenly Zoey has turned into a fledgling vampire and has to move into her local House of Night, andeverything doesn’t seem so bad anymore, especially since it’s evident she’s been “chosen”! For what … you’ll soon know.

Yes, she has to give up her old life and friends but that’s more than made up for in the glamour of her new life. And of course, the new school being no different from so many others comes with its own share of ‘popular girls who have it in for you’, ‘hot guys you seemingly can’t have’, ‘your own quirky clique of friends’ and the like. However, it would seem Zoey can, in fact, have pretty much anything ‘cos she’s just that special!

However, there’s plenty of dark trouble brewing with promise of lots more in the coming ones and book one definitely leaves you curious for the next one. I’d give this book about a 3.5/5.

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