My love for vampires began with Twilight and will continue to be with the Cullens – forever! Full marks to Stephenie Meyer for her imagination, and portrayal of each character.  Twilight is the first of the four books in the series.

Bella Swan has to move in with her Dad in Forks, and she just doesn’t seem too keen on it.  Not like she has a problem with him, but it’s the weather and the thought that she has to make new friends.  During one of her breaks in school, she sees the Cullen Family who are amazingly beautiful and love to keep to themselves. Bella couldn’t stop herself from literally staring at Edward.

His weird behavior and aloofness around her manages to bug her no end. But as things slowly fall in place, they manage to strike a friendship and Bella falls hopelessly in love with him. Her friends envy her as they have been around longer but nobody has ever got that close to Edward.

Bella meets Jacob Black as her Dad’s friend’s son when he comes to drop off a truck that her father got for her to travel to college. During one of her beach trips with her friends, she bumps into Jacob who enlightens her about the vampire stories and how Edward wouldn’t come to the beach as he wasn’t allowed in their territory.

Edward’s entire family is of vampires and most of them have special powers like reading minds, seeing the future and being able to control minds. Edward invites Bella to a baseball game with his family. It is during the game that they have fellow visitors. Edward’s eagerness to save Bella from their view and his failure in doing so sets off the most dangerous game for James – a tracker.

From there on, it’s an interesting chase. I could kill to be loved like that by Edward! Every Cullen member was lovable, but Bella – ugh, never mind! Without exaggeration, I have read this book a good five times, and I can read it over and over like a million times. Unfortunately, I left it back at home when I moved cities. With the turn of every page, I was only asking for more and did not want it to end. The book definitely gets a 5/5. Of course a must read!!

7 thoughts on “Twilight

    1. Lol! On the contrary Vince vampires have always been considered romantic though not quite in the cuddly sense.

      Although, I’d pretty much have to agree with you about Twilight unfortunately… :-/


  1. LOL! Vince, I bet you din’t know one of us would be on your side! And honestly, from what you said, it doesn’t seem like its the story you hated, its Robert Pattinson that you can’t stand. And c’mon, how difficult is it for these straight men that you are talking about to understand such a simple thing – none of those characters are going to jump out of the book or the movie screen and take away your woman!! But still.. I like the way you commented… Hahahaha 😀

    And Sharmistha – YOU – Of course, you had promised to “not like” it the min I posted this review 😛

    People, I still LOVE the book 😀 😀 😀


  2. If the *point* was about vampires and werewolves, I think Underworld does a decent job of showcasing their differences, and being caught in the between.

    If the *point* was about a woman who couldn’t be with her beloved, I think The Time Traveller’s Wife, is the best in the ‘longingness’ “genre”. And it poses more thoughtful questions on love, like, what would you do if you met your beloved when he/she was a different age. The most difficult decision Bella has to make in is to choose between a hunky dog and a pale bat? What a twit(light).

    I don’t blame the author for writing Twilight. Its just that I can’t stand the fan following, when there are dozens of better books to be read. Sapna, Sharmistha I don’t mind that you like Twilight, as you’ve read and liked other books too. My gripe is with people.. ok, women.. who don’t read anything other than Twilight, and think of Bella as a role-model (seriously, you should check out some Bella fan-pages. Yeeeesh).


    1. Your view is appreciated. The only point is the way the author’s written the book. As for Bella’s fan following – as mentioned in the review – I don’t like her! And yes, some people just go over the top with their obsession for Twilight – I am no where around them. I don’t think I can ever be so obsessed about anything.. Lol!! I have moved on to like other vampires too!! 😀


    2. Lol!! Did he just put me down as a Twilight fan? I LOVE it!! Vince, I’m far from being a fan. And while I understand your point I’d like to remind the WORLD that nobody had even heard of Twilight until the movie descended on us! So I, for one, blame Robert Pattinson (and do NOT get THAT mania either). However … c’mon, man! It’s a vampire love story! Of course, women love it!! Why is that even surprising?? But yes, aversion is often proportionate to the frenzy.

      PS – And are you sure Underworld and the *point* it made was not about Kate Beckinsale in a leather body suit? Not that I’d blame you … 😛


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