Confessions of a serial dieter

Ok so with this one I did something I had never done before. I read a book about weightloss\dieting. And that’s an understatement. In Confessions of a Serial Dieter, Kalli Purie probably writes about every diet ever created by man. And some, not yet. Hopefully.

So why did I do it you ask? Honestly, it was the back cover that did me in. As I looked at and admired that chiseled jaw on the cover I scoffed mentally at which model they must have hired for it. But then the snapshots of Kalli’s transformation to that very same chiselled jaw on the back cover made mine drop and I knew I wanted to read this one. Then, of course, there was the list of high profile vouchsafers inside (yes, I fell for the gimmick; my favourite, of course, being Sonam Kapoor :D) and the very funky layout of the book and I was more than sufficiently curious.

In this eat-(and-lose)-and-tell book Kalli Purie pays ode to her rather emotional and very tumultuos battle with the bulge. To be honest, in most of the book she seems to just be piling on the kilos in various locations in the world. Until, that is, she discovers love. Yes, dear, secretly anorexic world, that’s the secret to getting and staying thin. Love. Who would have thunk, eh?

Jokes apart, the book is something like the bible of dieting. This lady claims to have been there and done that and then some and lived to tell the tale. What I liked was the thoroughness with which she’s written the book and the very peppy but school notes type layout. The lady means business and there’s something everybody can take back from the book. If only somebody’d made notes for us like that in school!

However, its not all honey and sunshine. (OK it almost is. Literally.) There are things about the book I didn’t like, for instance the extreme obsession with weight loss. And I mean extreme. I also particularly dislike the chapter she does on bulimia as a diet for crying out loud! Very clinically dealt with but she was not the only one left with a bad taste in her mouth and for wholly different reasons.

Well, honestly, a dieter I am not. But if you’re a serious\serial dieter or on a weightloss mission this one’s for you and will probably prove to be an invaluable addition.

I’d give the book a 4.5 just for sheer thoroughness.

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