Yay!! For the new one!!

This has to got to be our lucky week! And we must have done something right! Now if only we could figure out what! :-/
However, for the moment that’s unimportant because the reason we’re here right now is to welcome another Guest Blogger on to the easyondeyes turf! Woo hoo!! Let’s give it up for Richa Gupta who got in touch with us on the blog and then sent us a review the very same day! 😮
And here’s what she told us about herself …
I have a corporate job by the day. But in my free time, I love cooking and dream to be a chef one day. Reading is obviously one of my favorite hobbies and so is trying my hand at whatever catches my fancy. I love experimenting with fitness, food, books, music and more.
Of course there is also my blog, where I write about whatever it is that spurs a discussion mostly between my friends and I at 2 in the morning.
We’d like to welcome Richa to easyondeyes with thunderous applause and hope she has fun being here!! 😀

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