I admit! I just love the immortal world – everything seems just so perfect. Of course, they have their own problems to deal with but imagine the powers of an immortal in the mortal world – so cool!! I am going to give the credit of my new found love to Alexandria, who loves to be called Alex. I love the way she kicks some butt when some boys try to mess with her! 😀

The Hematois being pure blood span of demigods, are the highest authority.  Alex is a half blood and looked more mortal in comparison to the rest of them, which the Hematois weren’t very happy about. She was declared unworthy of being able to train at the Covenant and fight to guard the children of Gods. Alex’s mother decides to leave the immortal world for a peaceful life

Alex is sure her mother is hiding something from her about not being able to live in the Covenant. Just when they thought everything was going perfect, Alex spots a Daimon outside her house. She knew he was there to kill her. She runs back into the house only to see her mom being killed by another Daimon. She slowly realizes that there are more than just two or three Daimons out to get her. But she does not understand why they would follow her everywhere she went – considering she was taught otherwise at the Covenant. She will find all her answers at the Covenant – only if she gets there ALIVE!

Daimon is the prequel to Half Blood and it was gripping in a way for me to forget that it’s a prequel and I was actually wondering why the book ended abruptly…sigh! A sneak peek into Half Blood is already got me at it! A 5/5 to Jennifer L. Armentroutfor now, and I am hoping her books don’t disappoint!!

2 thoughts on “Daimon

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