Hell is for Real

When I was browsing through books I would want to read next, I came across this really funny but interesting book – Hell is for real! How many of us really believe in hell? And when I say hell, I do not mean situations in life that we term as hell. I am referring to the actual HELL. Well, most of us would say that if there is a heaven, there is a hell!

The book talks about the author, Gary Apple’s 6-year-old son Davin, who made a trip to Hell.  Gary was in for a shock when his son started talking about the pitchfork Lucifer liked and how referring to him as the Satan wasn’t a good thing to do. On further probing, Davin said he knew about all of it when he went to Hell.

Doesn’t make sense, right? Well, it didn’t make sense to Gary too, but as Davin made more references to Hell, he knew he had to get to the bottom of it. When a bully from Davin’s school met with an accident, everybody thought it was just an accident but Davin was sure it was Carl – the Boogeyman, the first man you meet in Hell. With a little persuasion from Gary, Davin explains his entire trip to Hell and back.

Gary has to save his son, and thus begins his search for Hell and a meeting with Lucifer. Does he eventually meet Lucifer – yes he does! But you must read the book, for all of this to make sense.

Some things in life do not have an explanation. This book is based on a true story but how much of it you believe is a personal choice, but the book is a light read and you will definitely enjoy it. I will rate the book a 3.5/5.


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