It is 1999, and Russia stands on the brink of chaos. Famine, crime, corruption, unemployment and inflation reign supreme. A powerless interim President can do nothing about it.  Amidst this darkness, a new voice is heard. The voice of Igor Komarov, a man who brings hope, and the promise of a brighter future for Russia. A man who promises to return Russia to its former days of glory.

Unfortunately, as is usually the case, everything isn’t as bright and rosy as it seems. A document detailing Igor Komarov’s true plans for a regime rivaled in cruelty only by Hitler’s Third Reich falls into the hands of British Intelligence. Now they must race against time to ensure that the most popular man in all of Russia doesn’t win the Presidential elections of 2000.

The man they pick for the job is ex-CIA agent Jason Monk. Going undercover in the heart of Russia, it takes Monk all of his abilities to stay alive and at the same time try to accomplish what is asked of him in so short a time.

Another unputdownable (I know, I know… Not a word!) book by the master of intrigue, definitely worth reading!

Edrill Da Silva, Guest Blogger


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