You Were My Crush!

I must admit that Durjoy Datta does a good job with his book titles – You were my crush… till you said you love me! This book is a dedication to his youngest brother Benoy, who according to him is also the coolest brother anybody could have.

Benoy had been living alone since his mother’s death as his parents had separated.  His only friend was Eshaan, who had a girlfriend who hated Benoy. Eshaan loved to take care of things like he was responsible for everything that happened in the world. He would inform Benoy about the important lectures in college and even clear his name with the professors.

Benoy usually got his dad to help him out of sticky situations. But unfortunately, it was one professor who couldn’t be bribed, that got Benoy to attend his lectures. During one of the sessions, Benoy meets Diya,and they end up having a cat fight only to become best friends.

Benoy was checking out Diya’s pictures on Facebook when he stumbled upon pictures of her little sister – Shaina. He was smitten by her beauty and instantly hit like on every picture of hers. Diya was aware of Benoy’s on and off flings and warned him from straying anywhere close to Shaina.

But of course, our hero here wasn’t going to listen to her, and even Shaina is eventually attracted to Benoy . They begin to meet and talk without Diya’s knowledge. Everything is rosy until one fine day Shaina thinks all of this needs to stop. Enter Villain. Who is the villain, you ask? Well, a small hint – the other guy J

What happens when Diya gets to know and the families get involved? Even though Benoy’s mother kept him away from his father, during her last days she spent a lot of time with her husband. Why? Check it out for yourself.  I’ll rate the book a 3/5.


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