Imagine marrying another woman’s husband. Moving into her home that she tended and created, filled with her people, preserved like a sanctuary, as though she’d whirl back in any day … imagine having your very identity obliterated and slowly replaced by hers till all you can see when you look at yourself is her and […]

Witches abroad! (a discworld novel)

The much esteemed (mostly by herself) Granny Weatherwax makes a comeback and how! Accompanied by the other members of her non-coven coven, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick, Witches abroad! is a story about … well, non- Fairy Godmothers who take a journey to where Fairy Godmothers have never been before. … Seriously. Yes, I do […]

Bartimaeus Trilogy – Prequel – Ring of Solomon

Jerusalem, in the year 950 B.C., is ruled by King Solomon who possesses a ring with the power to summon innumerable powerful spirits to do his bidding and destroy his enemies (rather horribly too!). We find Bartimaeus in service of one of Solomon’s magicians, constantly being punished for his insolence and sarcasm, which I suppose, […]

Jingo! (A Discworld novel)

To all appearances, Terry Pratchett writes books for kids but I’m yet to find any evidence that could define his writing so simplistically. Yes, he often uses stories and myths we were familiar with as children as the basis of his convoluted tales but it’s never just that … oh no! Ever since I read […]