The Fist Of God

Set in the backdrop of the Gulf War, the US & Britain pick up scent of a weapon being developed by the Iraqis known only by the code name Fist of God. Not much else is known apart from the fact that it is a nuclear weapon and, if ready for deployment, is very much capable of reigning chaos and destruction on whomever Saddam Hussein unleashes it.

Major Mike Martin of the SAS is unlike most British soldiers. For one thing, he can pass as an Arab, even at close quarters! It helps that he speaks the language fluently and grew up in Iraq. Thanks to his special skills, he is sent in undercover by the SIS and the CIA to find out what and where the Fist of God is. And possibly destroy it too! (But of course!)

Frederick Forsyth certainly puts in a lot of research into his books. He takes us deep in to the American & British intelligence communities as they do their best to penetrate Saddam’s inner circle to gather information that will help them prevent a possible nuclear holocaust in the Middle East. Great work by one of the top spy novelists of our time, this book is definitely not easy to put down once you start! A definite 4/5!

Edrill Da Silva, Guest Blogger

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