The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, & Pee

I’m not really one for autobiographies or biographies or such. It’s difficult to explain why, but it tends to get boring! Here you are, paying money to read about someone else’s life and their opinions, but someone tries to tell you their opinions (for free, mind you) at the supermarket or the movies and you end up wanting to beat them across the side of their head with a brick!

So what made me pick up The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, & Pee (I just love saying the entire title! Get used to it!)?? Well, for one thing, it’s by a comedian! For those unfamiliar with her work, Sarah Silverman is a stand-up comic. A foul-mouthed (:D), hairy, pretty funny comic whom you can catch mostly on Comedy Central. Granted, she may not be the biggest comedian out there, but she is funny. Of course, please bear in mind that I’m very easily amused! She’s not old or dead or anything like that yet, so why the need for a book about her life thus far? I dunno, ask her!

The book starts off with her childhood, (obviously!) and her constant bedwetting (Hence the title, The Bedwetter: Stores of Courage, Redemption, & Pee!!!!) and growing up as a very Jewy (her words not mine!) person in a very non-Jewy (again, her words, not mine!) neighborhood. She then goes on to talk about how she got into the comedy world. Not always too detailed, but I don’t think that’s something she was aiming for. It’s more funny than anything, possibly with an underlying message that I didn’t catch because I was too busy laughing at the doody jokes! People that get offended easily, please stay away from this book! Lots of cursing and references to various body parts and bodily functions that’ll make you want to curse me (WTF?!) for even writing this review and introducing you to this book! Yeah, like that’s very logical! She pokes a lot of fun at Jews. But then, she also pokes fun at religion as a whole! Except Islam, because apparently she doesn’t want to get blown up by terrorists! At least, that’s what she said when confronted by some very angry Catholics!

I just realized I’ve not written too much about the book or the author! Well, if I did, it’d be pointless for you to pick up the book then, wouldn’t it?! It’s a pretty small book, so if you don’t like it, you can’t blame me too much for causing you to waste so much of your life on it! On the other hand, if you enjoy The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, & Pee (!!!!), well, what can I say except there’s probably something wrong with you!! Welcome to the club!! šŸ˜€

Edrill Da Silva, guest blogger!

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