God save the Dork

Just when our author was being pressurized to write another book, he knew he wouldn’t be doing justice if he made his own stories. When he was working on one such book, he received a mysterious package from London along with a note from “J” who happened to work with Einstein. “J” caught hold of a pen drive in the company conference room…. yessss… another set of diary entries… and that makes our second book! Well, “J” thought Einstein was the most disgusting human being… why you ask? Well, if you read the first book, you would have a small idea.  And “J” thought this was the best way to humiliate Robin.

The story begins in London where Robin is sent to work on a project as a consultant. Since he is in London, his girlfriend gives him a list of places he must visit, and of course she also wants him to click a picture with Shah Rukh Khan’s statue at Madame Tussauds. But our Robin… well, stingy that he is, seems to be more worried about how much beer he can drink in the amount he would spend on the entry ticket.

He does fall for his girlfriend’s blackmail and decides to visit all the places. And then, the news that’s doing the rounds on all news channels and newspapers – ‘someone tried to molest a wax statue’…. ummm… I am not saying anything…  LOL!

Just when he was dealing with confusing messages and long emails from his girlfriend, there could be a possibility of him losing out on the project. And so, he decides the best way out is to bribe the boss!!!! We do know the consequences of trying to bribe a boss, right? Well, since luck has never been on his side, does it mean that lady luck is never ever going to help him?

If Dork was funny, God save the Dork is funnier! An absolutely fun read! I will definitely rate the book a 4.5/5.

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