More like a relief from the usual books that I have been reading off late. Nope, I am not being biased because it’s written by a malayalee, but I do think that the author Sidin Vadukut has done a good job with Dork. Again, a thank you to the friend who introduced me to this book, else I would have just let the book pass. Do not judge a book by its cover, is the saying!

The book is a true story about Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese’s incredible adventures. How is he related to the writer? When the writer moved into a new house in New Delhi, he came across a set of compact discs stacked away below the kitchen sink. As he ran through the cds, some of them had stuff which…umm..most guys would have… and then a cd which had diary entries of Robin’s adventures.

It’s funny how he thinks there is no point in him living anymore as during one of his over the board party sessions…he ends up throwing on the love of his life….yeah, I know, ewww…  Does he have another chance with her? Well…yeah, maybe I would ask the guy to just go jump off a bridge.

The diary entries are exactly what is on his mind and there’s nothing done to beautify it. He is ecstatic when he lands a day zero job after he graduates from one of India’s best business schools and he shows no mercy in showering his colleagues with his favourite mallu abuses… of course only in his diary. On his first day he is surprised to see just one employee in the company playing spider solitaire. He manages to make a clown of himself at one of the office parties (thanks to not being able to control the intake of drinks), and even worse is when the video is put up on youtube (only to haunt him later!).

Want to know more about what happens in his life? BUY the book! The above mentioned are just a few of the hilarious moments… you will continue to laugh with the turn of every page, a guarantee! I will rate the book a 4/5. Hahahaha… sorry…I was just laughing thinking of few incidents in Mr. Einstein’s life!

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