a married woman

Yet another one of those! Sigh!

‘a married woman’ by Manju Kapur, is a story which we have read, read more of it and read even more of it – and surprisingly nobody stops writing about it! Astha is stuck between her parents’ demands – a mother who wants to marry off the daughter and a father who wants his daughter to continue to study.  After falling in love twice, with no returns from the relationships, she eventually marries Hemant, someone who, as compared to other prospective grooms, did not need any dowry.

She felt her life going from good to stale between her two kids, husband and in-laws. She tries to reason out with her husband about how their relationship is falling apart and they need to add more life to it, but unfortunately she has nothing concrete to support her stand. Hemant continues to be involved in his business.

She gets busy by involving herself in groups that dealt with matters concerned to various religions. It’s during one of these trips that she gets involved physically with a younger woman, causing her to think about her marriage and its foundation.

I am not going to tell you if she breaks free from her marriage …but then I guess with the story being so predictable, the end is definitely no surprise. For me the book was just boring, and hence I would not rate it. I would suggest letting it pass.

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