Witches abroad! (a discworld novel)

The much esteemed (mostly by herself) Granny Weatherwax makes a comeback and how! Accompanied by
the other members of her non-coven coven, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick, Witches abroad! is a story about … well, non- Fairy Godmothers :-/ who take a journey to where Fairy Godmothers have never been before. … Seriously.

Yes, I do apologise for the confusion but hey! you’re in the Discworld, get with it!

Anyway, in a very Terry Pratchett-y plot a Fairy Godmother dies in the Discworld and leaves Granny Weatherwax in charge by …yes, not leaving her in charge. The dear departed Fairy Godmother is one of a pair (don’t ask me! Apparently, Fairy Godmothers always come in pairs and are …er… not fairies, strictly speaking) and strangely, they’re both good cops. Aha! And that’s where the plot thickens.

In this unputdownable book Pratchett rolls up his sleeves and takes happy endings severely to task. All that glitters is indeed not gold and sometimes the price of the glitter is far too high!

As the three witches, after much ado, set off on their journey they have houses thrown at them, meet deranged wolves and take hapless woodcutters to task until finally, Granny Weatherwax is faced with her arch-nemesis who isn’t such a good Fairy Godmother after all but is keeping a very close eye on your happy ending. Who? Well, I’m not going to tell you, am I?

Witches abroad! is probably one of the most profound humorous-fantasy books I’ve read as in a typically Terry Pratchett way he manages to summon pathos even from the big, bad wolf. God knows how he does it! This book exposes the dark underside of fairy tales (and human beings) … the bits they never told you about. Probably, my favourite Terry Pratchett so far, I’d give this book a 5.5/5 (:D surprised?? lol!)


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