Bartimaeus Trilogy – Prequel – Ring of Solomon

Jerusalem, in the year 950 B.C., is ruled by King Solomon who possesses a ring with the power to summon innumerable powerful spirits to do his bidding and destroy his enemies (rather horribly too!). We find Bartimaeus in service of one of Solomon’s magicians, constantly being punished for his insolence and sarcasm, which I suppose, shouldn’t surprise anyone! Luckily, that doesn’t happen too often in real life! Or does it?! 😀

Everyone and their uncle has tried (and gruesomely failed) to relieve Solomon of his precccciousssss… errrr… sorry, wrong book… his ring! Now, the Queen of Sheba has decided it’s her turn to take a crack at it (quite possibly something to do with the natural affinity women have to jewelry!), and with that intention sends Asmira, a loyal Sheban guard captain, to do the needful. Thanks to his impudence and unruly demeanor, we see Bartimaeus moved from one miserable errand to another (as punishment, of course) which culminates in his crossing paths with Asmira and getting entangled in something which he would much rather not be. But then, anything involving the world of humans is something Bartimaeus would rather not be bothered with, so that’s not really saying much! And, as is always the case, there’s something darker and more evil than a Sheban guard trying to steal the ring!

The last (for now, one hopes) Bartimaeus book, a prequel to the Bartimaeus trilogy, The Ring of Solomon continues to delight with the witty sarcasm of Bartimaeus that we’ve seen before. A must read for anyone who’s enjoyed the Trilogy, and even for those who haven’t!

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