Bartimaeus Trilogy – Ptolmey’s Gate

Set in the backdrop of a crumbling British Empire, Ptolemy’s Gate, the final installment of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, sees the destinies of Bartimaeus, Nathaniel and Kitty intersect once again.

Somewhat darker (yet still not lacking in that sarcastic wit of Bartimaeus’ that we’ve come to love so much!) than the earlier two books, Ptolemy’s Gate see’s Nathaniel, now firmly entrenched as an important member of the British government, face unparalleled problems: a poor showing in wars abroad, enemies of Britain getting bolder with attacks taking place closer to home, and the whiff of a revolt from the commoners. Through all this, we see a much darker Nathaniel, without friends and slowly loosing confidence in what he has evolved into. He has also turned into a cruel master, ill-treating his djinn, especially Bartimaeus!

While Nathaniel struggles to find himself once again amidst the existing chaos and madness, an even bigger threat looms threatening to destroy everything in it’s path, magicians and commoners alike. Which means the three of them have to put their differences aside (much to the chagrin of Bartimaeus) and work together to defeat some very powerful magicians and demons.

We learn more about Bartimaeus’ past, specifically his relationship with Ptolemy, about the Other Place which the djinn and others of their ilk call home. We see Kitty learn more about Bartimaeus and, like Ptolemy once before, try to understand this distrust between humans and djinn. We see a disillusioned Nathaniel slowly shed his John Mandrake persona, and transform into himself once again. In short, we see a lot of things!

It would seem that I’ve let out more than I should have, so I shall desist from revealing anymore about the plot of the book. Suffice to say, you’ll end up wishing this wasn’t a trilogy, but a four-logy or better yet, a more-logy! Yes, I know they’re not words, but who are you, the word police?! Now go read the book!!

— Edrill Da Silva, Guest Blogger


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