Inheritance series book 4: Inheritance

And so it finally draws to a close.

Eragon and Saphira finally end their protracted journey and face their arch nemesis, Galbatorix in this, the final instalment of the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. For those of you who find too much war in books fatiguing, be warned: the book positively abounds in battle scenes. And while some of these scenes are edgy and exciting; there are others that, well, leave you searching for the end. They aren’t so much gory as somewhat exhausting, what with having to keep up with all of the detailed battle practices and strategies and tactics. Phew!

As expected (by me, at least) all of the things that didn’t make an appearance in Brisingr were dropped on us in one torrential downpour. From Eragon’s suspended unrequited love affair with Arya to Murtagh and all of the angst accompanying him (and added to it with something of a déjà vu), there’s plenty clamouring for your attention in the book.

Honestly, there’s a lot that sets this apart from the usual series finales, which is a mixed bag of blessings. While Paolini makes sure all of the loose threads are neatly tied in this finale; I think there was far too much neat tying by the end of it! Eragon’s final face off with the (not-so-) terrifying Galbatorix is a slight bit disappointing. And while most books would end with a one-stroke decapitation, leaving you wishing for a peek into the future of your favourite characters,Inheritance … well, let’s just say you’re not left wondering.

A series finale is meant to be exciting as everything the readers had been waiting to find out finally culminates. Inheritance, however, reads more like a long drawn out albeit poignant goodbye song. By the end of it finishing the book began to feel like something of a task.

However, just owing to the fact of a long association with Eragon and Saphira and the fact that watching them sail away did, nonetheless, make me sigh, I’d give the book a 3.5/5.


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