Bartimaeus Trilogy – The Golem’s Eye

The second book of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, The Golem’s Eye, finds young Nathaniel now a respectable member of the government. A golem (not to be confused with Gollum from the Lord Of The Rings!) is let loose causing destruction and panic all around, and it falls on Nathaniel & the sharp-tongued Bartimaeus (very much to his displeasure) to travel to the once-magical city of Prague to find out who has unleashed this monster on London.

This book shows off a somewhat more arrogant Nathaniel. No longer the wide-eyed, hollow-cheeked, scrawny kid whom we were first introduced to, but now taller, lankier, more polished and sophisticated, full of energy. Now going by the name John Mandrake (You really expect me to tell you why?! Read the book!), his arrogance and aggressiveness makes not just Bartimaeus, but even the reader want to reach out and smack him at times! We also see more of Kitty Jones, the commoner, in this book. We get a look at the world from the perspective of a non-magician, someone who has suffered at the hands of the magician and will do everything in her power to see that they fall, with the help of her fellow members of the Resistance.

Apart from having to find the golem, Nathaniel is also charged with crushing the Resistance. Will he succeed? Will he find Kitty and her compatriots? Will I stop asking questions?! And will you just read the damn book?! This book continues in the same vein as the first, mixing humor with magic and mayhem, keeping you entertained throughout and looking forward to the next. If it doesn’t, I suggest you go out and get a sense of humour!

Edrill Da Silva, Guest Blogger

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