The Complete Adventures of Feluda

After stalking the blog like it was the stocks, and reading different books that had my thoughts and feelings involved, The Complete Adventures of Feluda was a light read and a breather! When a friend first mentioned it, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I was hearing about it for the first time. Apparently, it is famous – forgive me my poor knowledge!

The book is available in two volumes and it contains short mystery stories. The book is a composition of all the stories, in chronological order, written by renowned writer and film maker, Satyajit Ray. The size of the book did scare me but thankfully it’s not single story. A total of twenty five stories has been divided between both volumes.

What makes Feluda different from other adventure filled books is the fact that it does not contain any illicit affairs or extreme violence, as compared to other books that have come out these days.  Does that make you wonder if it’s meant for the kids? Definitely not!

As the master sleuth Pradosh C. Mitter  a.k.a  Feluda, his young assistant Topshe and a bumbling crime fiction writer Jatayu, work their way through different mysteries in the locales from Gangtok to Ellora to Jaisalmer to Varanasi to Kolkatta, you cannot help but feel you’re a part of the mystery. Just when you think you have caught the culprit, there is a twist and it turns out to be someone who you must have not even listed in your suspects list. Every story is fresh and interesting. The investigative skills used by Feluda are commendable.

Feluda is surely an entertainer for all ages. A BIG thank you to my friend for introducing me to Feluda.

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