The Kept Woman & other stories

How many of us have fallen in love with someone twice our age, or thought that marriage is the license to have an extra marital affair or have been forced to marry someone as per the needs of caste?

Sounds like you have heard a friend go through it. Or have you experienced it?

One of the most controversial and celebrated Indian authors, Kamala Das averred, “I feel a woman is most attractive when she surrenders to her man. She is incomplete without a man,” and this book explores the man-woman relationship.

From a woman who fights death on several instances only to later walk into it, to a wife who dropped her husband and was caught by policemen to be accused of being a prostitute, and other such stories – the stories might not last for more than four to five pages each, but the impact it leaves is, amazing.

As I turned the last page of the book, some stories shocked me while some left me wondering as to why can’t we just voice our feelings, and why do we, in most cases, end up wearing the hat of sacrifice? It is definitely debatable as loved ones are involved.

Though it feels like a woman centric book, I, personally feel even men go through such emotions and feelings, but it remains within the boys’ circle. C’mon, they have a heart too!! J

Something that I learnt through the book, “Life had an end; love did not necessarily have to end”!!

Most writers talk about love and sex but to talk of it with purity, is not every writers’ cup of tea. The Kept Woman and other stories is a must read!! I would rate the book a 4/5.


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