Inheritance series – Eragon

I’ve always had serious respect for fantasy writers. I think it takes something else entirely to create not just people but whole worlds out of your imagination! And the fact that Christopher Paolini wrote this one when he was a mere 16 makes my heart burn with jealousy but also doff my hat in respect.

I’d been wanting to read Eragon for the longest time and when I finally picked it up I must say it didn’t disappoint. The story of a young boy and his dragon, Eragon borrows heavily from the folk tales and the mythology of the world in creating its magical creatures. Which I think works greatly in its favour considering the evolution and adaptation of these creatures in fiction has given them such a makeover that returning to base seems a simple yet effective plan.

The first of a series of four the great thing about Eragon is that it not only focuses on creating the base of the series but stuff actually happens to the characters in it! In fact, it’s a complete story in itself that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’d just watched a trailer with the movie still aeons away. Until, that is, the end.

To say that it’s a surprise ending wouldn’t be far fetched but I think more than that it was a surprising surprise ending! And I can only say Thank God the second book was out when I read the first one … Phew!

Having said that the book does feel a tad bit too lengthy in parts and you’re tempted to mutter ‘get done already!’ a time or two. Nonetheless full points for imagination and action!

2 thoughts on “Inheritance series – Eragon

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