The secret of the Nagas

The second book of the Shiva trilogy is all about the Nagas and if you haven’t yet ventured into Amish Tripathi’s Meluha I’d suggest not being mislead by the name of the book.

The story in this one revolves around the mysterious warrior tribe that made frequent appearances in the first book unraveling not just the secret of their identity but also the secret they’ve been hiding. And equally does it resound with the theme of ‘not all is what it seems to be, whether good or bad’. Funnily enough, though, I found the identity of the Nagas slightly more surprising than their supposed secret which, by the time the book gets down to it, isn’t really very surprising at all! Go figure!

If you haven’t read the book I’m not going to spoil it for you but I will say the identity of the Nagas has been cleverly woven in by the author. Story-wise a lot of things happen in the book and by the time it draws to a close you can barely remember all the places Tripathi takes you to let alone what apparently made them so cool, even though most of us in India will be familiar with the names. This, perhaps, is what bogs the story down a little bit making it interesting but taking away from its recall value. Also, I think some of the lead characters in the story (the ones introduced to us in Meluha as well as the new ones) show signs of being a tad bit simplistic. But then again, maybe with so much already happening in the story there wasn’t much room for character development.

Nonetheless, the progress of the trilogy so far is an interesting, if a somewhat simple, mirror of today’s society and the prejudices that bind as well as divide us.

I’m waiting to see how the story turns out in the trilogy’s final installment and since all of the apparent villains have let us down so far, a final answer to where really lies the evil? would be great!

You can pick up The Secret Of The Nagas (Shiva Trilogy) here! Happy Reading!

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