Married But Available

My husband isn’t too fond of reading, unless it’s one of his cookery books. But when I picked this book, he kept looking at it from the corner of his eye. The name is amusing and builds a lot of curiosity around it. Honestly, I expected it to be a humourous one and maybe throw me off the sofa too. Slightly disappointed on that front, as it isn’t anywhere close to being categorized as humorous but it does have its moments too.

When Abbey walks into the corporate world after attaining an MBA from the Management Institute of Jamshedpur, he expects it to be a smooth ride. He is in for a surprise as he is caught in office politics and also has to deal with unions. The company’s fortunes go through a sudden turn which could cost Abbey his job.

He is married to a lady who has the looks and moolah, which makes him the envy of others. Every attempt to surprise her doesn’t really go down too well with her. As his marriage is headed towards the rocks, he happens to bump into his old college love.

Does he work on his marriage or does he let go to see if there is any love left with his college sweetheart? Having to deal with a straight forward boss and a confused love life, does he emerge a winner at the end of it all?

Oh c’mon, you didn’t think I would break the suspense, did you? Overall, I think I would give the book a 2.5/5. Maybe a little more humour would have made me give the book a higher rating.

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