Gimme more!!! ;)

I am sure I am disappointing many by not continuing with a classic! But hey, this review is a dedication to my husband, who is a chef, and also to all those people who love to cook, or people like me –  just married and need to dish out delicacy after delicacy to impress the husband and in-laws.

Thankfully, in my case, it really hasn’t been much trouble. Well, I do cook but I think I am going to be honest and admit that only I can eat the food that I cook. I always thought men had this knack of cooking amazing food. No, no! I am not trying to flatter my husband … err … umm …  well, I have already done enough of that! (hehehe) !! My dad and brother cook too, once in a while, and it definitely is commendable.

I am learning from the best, but for all you people, this book is a life saver! I was looking to surprise him with a book from his favourite chef and when I opened the book, I knew why Ferran Adrià topped the favourites list! The detailing is amazing! From starters to main course to desserts – every ingredient is represented pictorially and hence no trouble of hunting them down on Google just because the name isn’t familiar to the ears.

Someone like me who isn’t too fond of cooking, fell in love with the book thanks to the colourful presentation. With the turn of every page, my wow got louder. And all I wished was for those pages to turn into reality …

And I wonder… when was the last time I got praised for my cooking? Uh oh! Time to show some magic in the kitchen! (I just hope I don’t burn the house down!!!)

Whoever said that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach, was discounting women … umm … OK maybe after shopping, but yes it’s definitely one of the routes to our hearts – at least the scrumptious desserts … yuumm … sluurrpp … (I think there’s some ice cream left in the freezer with my name on it …)


6 thoughts on “Gimme more!!! ;)

  1. “Duo Surprise” my sweet of you….first of all thanks again for the book and thanks a ton for dedicating this to me, This truly is home cooking, the maestro demonstrating in detail how a dish should be done and add this to your kitchen library soonest….hey dear waiting for that magic eagerly…….cheers and njoy cooking….


    1. Thank you Roshni 🙂 Happy to know you will follow the blog. An easier way would be to use the follow option on the home page and you will be notified everytime there’s a new post 🙂 Happy reading 🙂


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